Digital Transformation journey

by ravitejafe

If employees aren’t engaging the way organizations expect them to and it’s because the technology is not powerful enough to make them shift from their existing work pattern. Your software is robust and you have a well-planned Digital Transformation strategy, but without employee engagement, all your efforts go in vain.

From an end-user perspective, the software must be impactful to perform their jobs and to warrant their engagement. Improve the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of your product and address pain points at the right time to keep your employees engaged.

Adoption simply means how well your digital tools are being used by your employees. Adoption is one of the most important Business transformation metrics. A high Digital Adoption rate is one of the key indicators to a Successful Digital Transformation.

Poor Adoption and performance rate can either be because the tool has complex functionalities or because it lacks user engagement. In both scenarios, leveraging a DAP can be of the best help. With a good DAP, you can enable a smooth adoption and also improve employee performance.

A DAP’s on-screen guidance keeps employees engaged and allows them to perform any complex tasks simply by following its interactive software walkthroughs. It provides a clear picture of employees’ progress and helps identify & resolve bottlenecks at the earliest.

Employee productivity is one of the best KPIs to measure the impact of your Digital Transformation efforts. Workforce productivity is the value or volume of output an employee can deliver relative to the time.

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