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by ravitejafe

Not Every Managed Firewall Solution is Right for Your Business

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to cybersecurity. Every business has different needs—and the configuration of your firewalls will need to reflect that. One issue that many businesses have with managed security services like firewall management is that the service provider only does things one way—using the same firewall solutions, configurations, and cybersecurity strategy for every customer they serve.

This is less than optimal for your managed firewall services. Using a cookie cutter solution to cybersecurity can leave your company vulnerable to attack because of differences between your security needs and those of other organizations. In other words, what works for another business might not work for yours.

Instead of blindly applying the same managed firewall solution to every customer regardless of their needs, it’s important for an MSSP to leverage their experience to create a customized firewall configuration that provides optimal protection with minimal disruption for your company’s workflows.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month just passed, the team here at Compuquip Cybersecurity thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of tips to help other organizations improve their cybersecurity awareness. While improving security awareness really should be a year-round effort, the fact that October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month makes a great excuse to focus on the subject.

Cyber threats are simply too prevalent—and their potential impacts too severe—for any organization to ignore. Having a strong cybersecurity-aware culture can do wonders to blunt cyber risks because it helps ensure that every employee understands and follows basic best practices for cybersecurity.

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