Use live chats to handle more complex issues

by ravitejafe

They partnered with Aivo to deliver instant solutions to their customers without having to talk to a human agent and go through long wait times.

With our conversational bot, Movistar reached a +80% customer retention rate, established more than 2.5 million conversations and achieved a 1:20’ average time on digital channels.

Use live chats to handle more complex issues

Once your team is not wasting time with repetitive and frequent questions, they will have more time to actually handle complex issues that a chatbot cannot solve.

They can easily do this through a live chat from home, without requiring to speak on the phone or send emails, eliminating waiting times and complicated internal processes.If the bot's answers are the best they can be but you keep getting negative ratings, it’s time to think about adding automation. Why? Because your customers want to handle an issue immediately without being transferred to another channel or following a bunch of steps in order to get help.

Automations are done through technical integrations with the information or management systems you use.

For example, if a customer's card is blocked and they need to change their PIN, they need to change their PIN. Taking them on tour through different channels only makes the situation worse. They need a practical answer right away.

If you're interested in a case study, read how Banco Comafi implemented automations to improve their answer quality.

Integrations will also let your customers check a line of credit or a credit card balance, find out their order status, schedule an appointment, etc.

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