Certified Technology Specialist will take care of the logistics

This position involves offering technical audio-visual support. The specialist must setup, resolve and maintain multimedia equipment. They must ensure proper connectivity of network, equipment, and computers to the AV system for display. The CTS handles audio and video recording equipment and is to fix any errors that may occur. The professionals must schedule the utilization of facilities, equipment, materials, and other services. They need to provide proper training on the operation of equipme

the technology and the people the MSSP

Think of your security as a journey, and as a journey it should mature as it progresses. You must always ask yourself, before you had an MSSP you had issues with X, Y and Z, so with an MSSP, how much have you matured since then? And maturity is not the obvious capability, it is not just the technology and the people the MSSP will provide, or the 24/7 access to resources, but as an organisations, has your MSSP laser-focused you in on what the real issues are? Have they advised you on the architec

technology disruption in the industry as the world

Nokia Bell Labs expects global telecom operators to fall from 10 to 5 and local operators to fall from 800 to 100, between 2020 and 2025. Simultaneously, there are new players entering the market, many leveraging newer technologies and unconventional business models to gain a share of the pie. While previous DX initiatives happened mostly at the periphery (acquiring new companies, establishing disruptive business units), operators are now focusing on transforming the core – cost reduction, imp

strategies to drive digital transformation

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